Cancellations and refunds

  1. You have a right to cancel an order before payment has been made to the Recipient. If you have send money via a recipient form, you may exercise this right by:
    • - Emailing us at
    • If you have sent money via a mobile phone number, you may exercise this right by:
    • - Cancelling in the app; or - Emailing us at
  2. If you exercise your right to cancel the order after you have already paid us the funds to be transferred:
    • - we will refund money paid by you and intended for a Recipient only under the condition that it has not already been paid out to the Recipient in accordance with your original instructions prior to the cancellation request; and
    • - we reserve the right to retain the Fees charged for the Service (and we may charge you with those Fees if they have not yet been paid); and
  3. if by the time you notify us of the cancellation of the transfer we have already sent the money to one of our partners in the country of destination, we may not be able to successfully cancel the order, given that the cancellation procedures with our partners differ in length and complexity, as well as often require communication across time zones.
  4. Refunds can take up to 7 working days to be processed and this depends as well on the customer’s bank processes, which are beyond our control.
  5. We reserve the right not to refund amounts smaller than ₣3 and charge a refund fee of ₣3 (according to the currency with which you pay us) if the refund has been requested by the customer with no fault of our own.
  6. If we do not transfer the money to the Recipient in accordance with an order within 45 days after your instructions have been received, provided that you correctly followed our procedures and complied with all our policies, you may ask for a refund of the money transferred to us and intended for the Recipient.
  7. If the Recipient does not collect the money within 13 months after the date it became available for collection, all rights of cancellation of the order or refund of the money transferred or the Fees shall be deemed to be waived by you.
  8. Your order expires after 1 month. In case the money has not been collected (in the case of cash transfers) or the order requires a correction, we reserve the right to cancel your order without prior notice to you and to refund to you the amount that was to be transferred. The refund will not include the Fees paid for the Service, which we will retain.
  9. If you choose to send money via a mobile phone number and send money to an invalid number, the transaction will be cancelled after 5 days and the funds will get refunded to you via banking details you provided to us. Deposited back to the banking account you provided with.