Send & Receive Money

Quickly, safely and easily with Hidmona.

Send & Receive Money

Quickly, safely and easily with Hidmona.

Why should you choose Hidmona Money Transfer?

Fast & Secure

Send money to family & friends within minutes.

Full Geographical Coverage

We have pay-out locations in all major cities.

Low Transfer Fee

Fair fees on your money transfer services.

We provide the following services

  • International Money Transfer
  • Cash and account remittances
  • Online Portal and Mobile app for ease of use
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Issuing Debit Card services

Introducing Hidmona Debit Card

Widely accepted,faster money services and convenient way for withdrawing cash from ATMs.


Simplified Card Issuing Process

Open a Personal or Company Account

Complete your signup process by opening a personal or company account with Hidmona Financial Service

Verify your identity

Verify your personal and/or company documents to unlock the Debit card services we offer

Apply and get your debit card

Once you complete ID verification, apply for Debit card and you will be issued based on your country

With Hidmona DebitCards, Living home and abroad is simplified

Effortless transactions, affordable and convenient