Hidmona Ldt is a limited liability company located in Switzerland(with headquarters at Zürich and several branches in several cities) targeting in international trading and the sale of all kind of goods; the provision of legal services, secretarial services, execution of financial transactions such as money transfer and exchange activities; the provision of cash, small loans; activities in the tourism and security, operating beauty salons, internet cafes and restaurants, insurance brokerage services, banking brokerage services; provision of apartments and employees, rental of real estate and consumer goods of all kinds, organization and implementation of cultural events, training courses and seminars and intends to create, aquire, administrate and sell material and immaterial goods; establish branches and participate in companies in Switzerland and abroad;  purchase, encumber, administrate and sell land in Switzerland and abroad;  enter into all transactions and contracts that are likely to promote or that are directly or indirectly related to - the purpose of the company.



Hidmona GmbH